Welcome to ComicPricingGuide.com, a site that we hope will in time become a valued resource for comic book collectors of all interests and ages.

Before I get into what our site is about, I want to make it clear that we are not affiliated with the site that has a very similar name to ours. The other site has been around for a few years and is a fine resource, so this is not meant as a putdown of that site. We simply want to be clear that we are not the same site. Our domain was purchased in an auction a few years back and has had a site in place for awhile, but we are finally getting around to adding content to it now and moving forward.

And what will that content be? Why, content related to comic books, of course! Our focus will be mainly on the hobby itself, including the latest comic company news (not just DC and Marvel, either); significant comic sales info from auctions or other sources; info related to graphic novels and trade paperbacks; and, given the popularity of movies and animated features based on comic book characters, news on those fronts, too. Our site will also focus on the finer points of being a comic collector, including info on how to find good deals and care for your collection. And, while we do have the “pricing guide” in our domain name, for now, most of that information will be related to the significant comic sales/auctions that we report on. A comic value database may be something to consider further down the road, but for now it is not on our to-do list.

We hope like what you see at Comic Pricing Guide, and we are always open to suggestions from readers on what you would like to see covered. Enjoy!