CPG is Taking a Break!

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Just a short announcement to let our readers know that we at Comic Pricing Guide will be taking a short hiatus from the regular posting of content to the site. We are doing this in part so we can step back and assess how best to move forward with the comic book content that we provide, but we also want to figure out how best to drive more traffic to the site so that we can move this venture beyond volunteer work. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: DC Unleashes a Silencer, Image is in the Realm, Marvel Spins DJ Star Wars Tale

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A shortened version of our New Comic Wednesday this time out as it is the dreaded fifth week for new comic book releases. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any worthy books from this smaller crop, however, as the three major comic book publishers each have some interesting releases in our report for January 31st. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: Doomsday Clock Continues, Dissonance from Image, and a Cosmic Rider from Marvel

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It has been another interesting week of new comic book releases, with at least one book that is heating up with comic book collectors and investors. That heat comes courtesy of the latest issue of Thanos from Marvel Comics, but we also get the latest installment in the Doomsday Clock series, as well as a new science fiction series from Image Comics in the New Comic Wednesday report for January 24th. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: DC Does Damage, Image Serves Up Ice Cream Man, Marvel Incorporates Venom

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In addition to new comic book releases from DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics, we also get at least a little more variety in CPG’s New Comic Wednesday feature for January 17th. DC kicks off their New Age of Heroes with the first issue of a Dark Nights Metal-related character, while Image introduces an anthology hosted by the Ice Cream Man, and Marvel “incorporates” the Venom franchise (not really). [Read more…]

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Video: DC Releases First Trailer for New Teen Titans Go! Movie

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While the DC Universe live action movies have been a mixed bag, the DC Animated Universe has been a major success for that comic book publisher. DC is looking to add another gem to their animation crown with the release of a new movie based on the popular Teen Titans Go! animated series, called Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: Harley Quinn Books, Hawkeye Series Among Top Releases

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One of DC Comics’ current top characters is highlighted in two different books in CPG’s New Comic Wednesday report for January 10th, while a long-time Marvel Comics hero gets the “Old Man” treatment in a new maxi-series. Meanwhile, Image Comics has a couple of titles beginning new story arcs in our look at this week’s best new comic book releases. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: Batman Family Prominent Among First Releases of New Year

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Just as our eBay comic book auction reports re-started this week, so too is our feature on the top, new comic book releases of the week, New Comic Wednesday. And this first NCW for 2018 is fairly heavy on Batman-related titles as DC Comics looks to build on a strong 2017 showing from some of these titles. [Read more…]

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Video: Take a Look at the Infinity War Trailer

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Yes, we’re a little late to the party, but better late than never when you have such an enticing movie trailer as the one released by Marvel Entertainment for their Avengers: Infinity War film. The movie, which will be released in the U.S. on May 4, 2018, is the third Avengers film to hit the big screens and could end up as that superhero team’s most popular flick yet. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: Metal Tie-Ins, Image Debuts Among Top New Releases

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It is definitely a DC Comics kind of week in our day-late edition of New Comic Wednesday. In all, it was a quiet week in terms of overall new releases, but DC has dropped a Metal one-shot and tie-in to keep the focus on that event, while also releasing the first issues of a couple of new mini-series as well as the second issue of another mini-series. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: More Metal and Weapon H, Plus a Valiant Debut

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The Metal saga from DC Comics keeps rolling along in this week’s edition of New Comic Wednesday. The series, which has been a hit with comic book collectors and investors, sees two more releases this week in the form of a one-shot and a tie-in. We also get the latest installment of the Weapon H saga from Marvel Comics, plus the debut of a new series from Valiant Entertainment. [Read more…]

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