New Comic Wednesday: Several Interesting Debuts, Plus More Metal and Legacy

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Another week of new comic book releases is upon us as we head towards mid-October and closer to that spooky time of year. For the week of October 11th, there are a few first issues of note from various comic book publishers, plus a couple of big events from the “Big 2” continue rolling along according to schedule. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: Batman, Marvel Legacy Releases Dominate First Week of October

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It wasn’t hard to pick out the dominant themes for this week’s edition of New Comic Wednesday. From DC Comics (with one assist going to Dynamite), we get four books that prominently feature Batman, while Marvel Comics releases the first wave of titles related to the Marvel Legacy event that officially began last week with Legacy #1. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: DC’s Metal Tie-Ins Continue, Redneck Ends Story Arc, and a Humorous Homage Cover

new comic book releases 092717

September is drawing to a close, but we have one more Wednesday left in the month to celebrate another round of new comic book releases. The offerings for September 27th include a couple of tie-ins to DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Metal series that is just starting to heat up, the next installment in a Star Wars-related title from Marvel Comics, and the end of a story arc for one of Image Comics’ new, popular titles. [Read more…]

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Video: DC Comics Writer Geoff Johns Talks About ‘Doomsday Clock’

doomsday clock video

DC Comics has been teasing a return of The Watchmen since the release of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 in early 2016, and it appears that at least some of the characters from that fabled series will return to the comic book realm. [Read more…]

Video: Netflix Releases Their First Trailer for The Punisher

the punisher netflix

Followers of our eBay comic book auction reports will be quite familiar with a Bronze Age key issue from Marvel Comics that holds the first appearance of Frank Castle, otherwise known as The Punisher. That key issue is Amazing Spider-Man #129, and it has been a staple of our reports for the past few months. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: A “New” Batman, More Firsts from Image, and a Secret Empire Tie-In

new comic book releases 092017

Two events from the “Big 2” comic book publishers continue in the crop of new comic book releases for the week of September 20th. Add in a couple of first issues from Image Comics and you get the makings of another interesting week in the world of comic books. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: Metal’s Next Chapter, Harley’s 25th, and the Hunt for Weapon H

new comic book releases 091317

While the past few New Comic Wednesday articles have featured comic books of note, things get kicked up a notch or two in this week’s rundown as the top comic book publishers each offer up some interesting releases of note for September 13th. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: Star Wars Galore, Two Debuts From Image, and a Millennium Girl

new comic book releases 090617

In a sure sign that there is a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, Marvel Comics (with an assist from IDW) is ramping up their release of Star Wars-related titles beginning with three releases this week plus another from IDW. Also, Image Comics releases a couple of new series this week, while Titan Comics presents the second in their series of Millennium adaptations as we take a look at the new comic book releases for September 6th. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: Kirby Celebration Winds Down at DC, Final Installment of Secret Empire, James Bond One-Shot

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This August is a month with five Wednesdays, so you know what that means, oh comic collecting faithful – the dreaded extra New Comic Wednesday featuring a reduced list of new comic book releases. But fear not, as there is never a week that goes by without at least a few interesting new releases, and the week of August 30th is no different. [Read more…]

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New Comic Wednesday: Weapon H Mania Continues, Anarky Returns, Donald and Mickey Debut New Book

new comic book releases 082317

As far as first issues are concerned, this is a fairly slow week among the new comic book releases. Despite that lack of noteworthy debuts, there are still some books worth taking a look at, but when isn’t that the case? Among those interesting reads would be the latest chapter in Marvel Comics’ roll out of the Weapon H character, as well as the return of a Batman antagonist whose motives aren’t clear. [Read more…]

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