Copper Age Comic Report: Venom, Cable Debuts Land Top Two Slots

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There were no real surprises in CPG’s Copper Age Comic Report for the week of September 29th thru October 5th as mostly the usual suspects populated the Top 10 ranking of eBay comic book auction sales from this comic age. The main, key issues for Marvel Comics helped that comic book publisher to a sweep of the Copper Age sales results, not the first time that Marvel has turned this trick.

Obviously, Marvel landed all 10 verified eBay sales for the week, with six of those books selling in auctions, and the other four comics changing hands in Buy It Now (BIN) transactions. The books that provided the full introductions of Venom and Cable landed the top two sales, while the book that debuted Deadpool also had a strong showing.

In terms of the comic book investment dollars that were spent on the Copper Age comics, it was not as strong a week in this category as we saw in last week’s eBay report. The top sale this week pulled in $1,300, down from last week, while the bottom sale was $706, also slightly off from the previous report. It should be noted, however, that there were likely sales greater than this week’s top sale that were private sales.

Below is this week’s ranking of the top 10 Copper Age comic book auction sales at eBay for the week of September 29-October 5, 2017.

Copper Age Top 10

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1300, PGX 9.8, 51 bids – This book is hot, as evidenced by the four appearances in this week’s Copper Age rankings. The first full appearance of Venom (Eddie Brock) is the reason for the interest in this 25th anniversary issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Venom is getting his own movie, which is a main factor in the popularity of this issue at this time. David Michelinie (writer), Todd McFarlane (pencils/cover), and Bob McLeod (inks) were the creative team for this tale. The very high-grade copy in this auction is the newsstand version of the book, which features a UPC code instead of the placeholder with a Marvel hero’s head.
  2. New Mutants #87 (Marvel, 1990), $1249.99, CGC 9.8 SS, BIN – Another key issue for Marvel from this era is this issue of New Mutants that has the first full appearance of Nathan Summers aka Cable. The Cable character is also getting a bit of Hollywood love as he is slated to appear in the second Deadpool movie that will be released in 2018. Louise Simonson (writer), Rob Liefeld (pencils/cover), Bob Wiacek (inks), and Todd McFarlane (cover) formed the creative team in this issue. The very high-grade copy offered here features signatures from Simonson, McFarlane, and Stan Lee.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $899.98, CGC 9.4 SS, BIN – This copy of ASM #300 is the direct market version that features a grade that is .4 below the copy up above. But, this copy does features signatures from Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee, so there is some added value for the eBay buyer that the buyer above missed out on.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $860, Ungraded, 61 bids – The third copy of ASM #300 is another newsstand copy, but this one is not graded.
  5. (Tie) New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991), $810, CGC 9.8, 25 bids – Another Marvel key issue, another book getting a bump as the result of a pending movie release. This issue of New Mutants features the first appearance of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, as well as first appearances from Gideon and Copycat. Rob Liefeld (writer/pencils/inks/cover) and Fabian Nicienza (writer) were the creators of this key issue. The very high-grade copy in this auction sold for slightly more than the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide valuation, so this book is at least holding its value.
  6. (Tie) Uncanny X-Men #266 (Marvel, 1990), $810, CGC 9.8 SS, 19 bids – Another book that is becoming a Copper Age key issue for Marvel is this issue of the Uncanny X-Men that features the first full appearance of Remy LeBeau aka Gambit. Chris Claremont wrote this tale, with story art from Mike Collins (pencils) and Josef Rubinstein (inks), and cover artwork by Andy Kubert and Pat Brosseau. The very high-grade copy in this auction features signatures from Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Claremont, and Kubert, which no doubt helped to boost the value of this copy.
  7. New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991), $799.99, CGC 9.8, BIN – This copy of New Mutants #98 has the same grade as the issue up above, so no real surprise that the sale price was just a few dollars less than the previous copy.
  8. New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991), $795, CGC 9.8, BIN – The third copy of NM #98 in this list once again features a 9.8 grade, as is the case with the two copies up above.
  9. Marvel Age #41 (Marvel, 1986), $717, Ungraded, 33 bids – Not a comic book per se, but the Marvel Age title was essentially more of a comic-sized magazine that featured news, interviews, and comic art related to Marvel Comics. This particular issue featured a photo of Stan Lee on the cover as well as content inside celebrating Lee’s tenure at Marvel to that point. The copy of Marvel Age #41 in this auction features a double cover, with the same cover being attached to the book twice.
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $706, CGC 9.6, 22 bids – The last issue of ASM #300 on this list, and the final book in the Top 10, is a direct market version of this issue that features a 9.6 grade.

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