Copper Age Comic Report: Venom Debut Reigns Supreme

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In last week’s Copper Age Comic Report, we saw domination from the comic book that debuted Deadpool. That issue of New Mutants made this week’s rankings – twice – but another Marvel Comics key issue from this era stepped up to dominate the eBay report covering September 22nd thru September 28th.

Marvel landed their second comic age sweep of the week as they reeled in all 10 verified eBay sales in this report. Seven of the books sold in auctions, with the remaining three comics being sold in Buy It Now (BIN) transactions.

In terms of the comic book investment dollars spent on Copper Age comic books, it was a better week in that respect for this category as the number of four-figure sales doubled over last week’s showing, from four to eight. The price range for the top 10 eBay sales went from a high of $1,800 down to $799.99. As for the sales in the $100-$200 range, which are covered on page 2 of this report, there was mild action as the search results produced a little over four pages of sales in that price range.

As discussed in a couple of recent comic book auction reports, we have switched back to referring to the completed eBay sales as “verified eBay sales” because eBay is still including private sales in their search results. The private sales feature negotiated prices that are known only to the seller and buyer (and eBay), so that final sale price is not made public.

Below is our ranking of the top 10 comic book auction sales at eBay for the week of September 22-28, 2017.

Copper Age Top 10

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1800, CGC 9.8, 33 bids – As mentioned at the outset, one Marvel key issue ruled them all in this week’s Copper Age report, with that dominant issue being this one that features the first full appearance of the symbiote, Venom (Eddie Brock). Venom did appear on the final page of issue #299, and Eddie Brock appeared in #298, but this issue fully introduces the Venom character. David Michelinie was the writer during this run of ASM, with Todd McFarlane (pencils/cover) and Bob McLeod (inks) forming the artistic team for this issue. The very high-grade copy in this auction sold for well above the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide valuation, not surprising considering the interest in this issue.
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1700.10, CGC 9.8, 14 bids – Another copy of ASM #300 featuring a 9.8 grade. Venom is hot right now due in part to a new movie based on that character being slated for release in 2018.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1700, CGC 9.8, 17 bids – Once again, this copy of Amazing Spider-Man #300 features a 9.8 grade from CGC.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1650, CGC 9.8, 32 bids – Yet another 9.8-graded copy of ASM #300. It is interesting to note that these books with the same grade receive varying amounts of attention from bidders.
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1575, CGC 9.8, 17 bids – More of the same as the copies listed above. It appears that Collectors Dungeon unloaded a few of their graded ASM #300’s, probably for a decent profit.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #252 (Marvel, 1984), $1440, CGC 9.8 SS, BIN – And now for something completely different, an issue of ASM that isn’t #300. This key issue from the 80’s features the actual first appearance of Spidey’s black symbiote costume. The chronological first appearance of this costume took place in Secret Wars #8. Tom DeFalco and Roger Stern co-wrote this story, with Ron Frenz (pencils) and Brett Breeding (inks) handling the story art. Frenz and Klaus Janson teamed up on the Amazing Fantasy #15 homage cover artwork for this issue. The very high-grade copy offered here features signatures from Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., Breeding and DeFalco, plus a signature and sketch from Frenz.
  7. New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991), $1,255.95, CGC 9.8, BIN – The first appearance of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is the main attraction for this issue of New Mutants. There will be a new Deadpool movie released in 2018, which is the main factor driving the value of this issue higher. Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicienza co-wrote this issue, with Liefeld taking on both the story artwork and the cover art. The very high-grade copy on offer sold for well above the Overstreet book value, further proof of the interest in this issue from comic book collectors and investors.
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988), $1035, CGC 9.6 SS, 3 bids – Another copy of ASM #300, but this one with some differences from the copies above. First, this is the newsstand version of the book (as opposed to the direct market version), which means that the cover features a UPC rather than the placeholder featuring the superhero’s head. Next, this copy has a slightly lower grade than those above, but third, it does feature signatures from Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane.
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #301 (Marvel, 1988), $806, CGC 9.8, 50 bids – There are no significant first appearances in this issue of ASM, but it does feature an appearance from the Silver Sable, as well as a return of Spider-Man’s red-and-blue costume. The same creative team responsible for #300 created this issue, as well. The very high-grade copy in this auction sold for well above the Overstreet valuation, so it appears to be benefiting from its proximity to ASM #300.
  10. New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991), $799.99, CGC 9.8, BIN – There are no real differences between this copy of NM #98 and the one above, so it looks like this eBay buyer landed a better deal than the buyer of the more expensive copy above.

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