Golden Age Comic Report: Another strong week for Batman, DC at eBay

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While we did not see some of the high sales figures that appeared in last week’s Golden Age Comic Report, we do get another strong showing for DC Comics in our eBay comic book auction report for September 25th thru October 1st. Helping DC achieve a good round of sales were the two main titles associated with Batman at that time, Batman and Detective Comics.

Overall, DC notched seven of the verified eBay sales in this week’s Top 10, including the top 3 sales. Charlton Comics, Fox Feature Syndicate, and Marvel Comics (as Timely Comics) split the remaining three sales with one apiece. Seven comics sold in auctions, with the other three books changing hands in Buy It Now (BIN) transactions.

As mentioned, we did not see as great an amount of comic book investment dollars spent on the top books in this week’s eBay auction report, but it was still a respectable week for the Golden Age comics. Sales ranged from a high of $3,750 down to $1,450, so it was all four-figure sales at the top.

As was mentioned in the past couple of reports, we are back to referring to the books featured in our reports as verified eBay sales due to the fact that eBay is stealthily including negotiated private sales among their search results. There is no way to know the actual sales price for these books, so we cannot include them in our reports.

Here are the top 10 Golden Age comic book auction sales at eBay for the week of September 25-October 1, 2017.

Golden Age Top 10

  1. Flash Comics #86 (DC, 1947), $3750, CGC 1.8, 35 bids – This issue of Flash Comics made our Golden Age list last week, and it finishes atop the rankings this week. It features the first appearance of Dinah Drake aka the Black Canary. Her origin tale was written by Robert Kanigher, with story art from Carmine Infantino (pencils) and Joe Giella (inks). The cover of Flash (Jay Garrick) up against a dinosaur was drawn by Lee Elias. The very low-grade copy in this auction sold for a couple thousand dollars above the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide valuation, so interest in this issue appears to be growing at this time.
  2. Detective Comics #48 (DC, 1941), $3299.99, CGC 8.0, 2 bids – This issue of Detective Comics holds the first mention of Batman’s car as the Batmobile, as well as the first mention of Gotham City. Bill Finger wrote the Batman tale in this issue, with story artwork from Bob Kane (pencils/inks), Jerry Robinson (inks), and George Roussos (inks), and cover art from those same three artists. Contributors to the other stories in this issue include Jerry Siegel, Jack Lehti, Ed Winiarski, Ken Ernst, and Chad Grothkopf. The high-grade copy in this auction sold for a few hundred dollars above the Overstreet book value.
  3. Detective Comics #35 (DC, 1940), $2875, CGC NG, BIN – Another issue of Detective, this one lacking a cover and the first wrap. There are no significant first appearances in this issue, but it does feature a Batman story written by Bill Finger and drawn by Bob Kane (pencils/inks) and Sheldon Moldoff (pencils/inks). Other characters in this issue include Bart Regan, Buck Marshall, Cosmo, Speed Saunders, and Slam Bradley. Creators for this issue include Maurice Kashuba, Homer Fleming, Gardner Fox, Don Lynch, and Sven Elven.
  4. Racket Squad in Action #12 (Charlton, 1954), $2500, CGC 9.6, BIN – This book from Charlton Comics was a crime anthology title that in this issue included work by Chic Stone, Carl Memling, Bill Molno, and Ray Osrin. Of particular interest is a classic explosion cover drawn by Steve Ditko. The high-grade copy offered here sold for about $1,000 above the Overstreet valuation, no doubt a function of having a very nice grade.
  5. Superman #1 (Novaro/DC, 1952), $2375, Ungraded, 29 bids – This is not a copy of Superman #1, but is instead the first issue of a Spanish language publication sold in Mexico and published by Editorial Novaro. The stories featured in these books were reprints of Superman and other DC stories.
  6. Batman #3 (DC, 1940), $1995, CGC 2.5, BIN – This issue of Batman features the first appearance of Catwoman in her cat mask, as well as the first appearance of the Puppet Master. The team of Bill Finger (writer), Bob Kane (pencils/cover), Jerry Robinson (inks/cover), and George Roussos (inks) were responsible for the four Batman and Robin stories in this issue. The low-grade copy on offer sold for slightly above the Overstreet book value, so this issue is at least holding its value.
  7. Phantom Lady #18 (Fox, 1948), $1975, CGC 5.0, 26 bids – The original version of Phantom Lady was Sandra Knight, who is the focus of the two stories in this issue featuring that super-heroine. Matt Baker drew the cover – and example of Good Girl Art (GGA) – and was responsible for the artwork in the Phantom Lady stories. Ruth Roche is said to be the writer of the Phantom Lady tales in this issue, but this hasn’t been verified.
  8. Detective Comics #225 (DC, 1955), $1630, Ungraded, 46 bids – This issue of Detective has made it into our eBay report on more than once occasion. It features a backup story that contains the first appearance of J’onn J’onzz aka the Martian Manhunter. Joe Samachson and Jack Miller co-wrote the Martian Manhunter debut tale, with story art from Joe Certa.
  9. Colossal Comics #5 (Elhil Publishing, 1951), $1625, Ungraded, 2 bids – This is another non-U.S. publication that reprints stories, along the lines of the Superman issue up above. In this case, it is a Canadian publication that reprinted stories from Timely Comics and Atlas Comics, the forerunners to Marvel Comics. This title is not yet listed in the Overstreet guide, so it seems to be fairly rare.
  10. Batman #6 (DC, 1941), $1450, CGC 5.0, 1 bid – This early issue of Batman features the first appearance and apparent death of the Clock Maker. Once again, the team of Bill Finger (writer), Bob Kane (pencils/cover), Jerry Robinson (inks), and George Roussos (inks) were responsible for the contents of the Batman and Robin tales in this issue.

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