Modern Age Comic Report: Venom, X-23 Help Marvel to a Good Showing

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In a Top 10 that featured a good mix of comic book publishers, Marvel Comics managed to come away with a solid showing in our Modern Age Comic Report for September 28th thru October 4th. Marvel landed half of the comic book auction sales in this Top 10, a pretty good accomplishment considering the many choices that eBay buyers have among the Modern Age comic books.

Aside from the five verified eBay sales for Marvel, Oni Press and Image Comics each landed two sales, while DC Comics picked up one sale. Six books sold in auctions, with the remaining four comics selling in Buy It Now (BIN) transactions. Nine of the 10 comics featured variant covers, which should give a good indication of the types of Modern Age books that comic book collectors and investors are interested in right now.

The Modern Age comic books in the Top 10 didn’t attract quite as many comic book investment dollars as last week, but it was still a good week overall for this comic age. This week’s high sale of $3,000 was a little lower than last week’s top sale, while the lowest sale of $1,125 was also a few hundred dollars lower than the bottom of last week’s lowest sale.

Below is the Top 10 Modern Age comic book auction sales at eBay for the week of September 28-October 4, 2017.

Modern Age Top 10

  1. Venom: Lethal Protector #1 (Marvel, 1993), $3000, CGC 9.8, BIN – This book was in the top 3 of our Modern Age report from a couple of weeks back. The very high-grade copy in this sale is the black error variant cover, with the black cover being caused by an error in adding the red foil embossing to the cover. The story in this first issue of the first Venom mini-series was written by David Michelinie, with story art from Mark Bagley (pencils), Sam de la Rosa (inks), and Al Milgrom (inks), and cover artwork by Bagley. This copy sold for a couple thousand dollars above the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, so it is definitely gaining in value at this time.
  2. Rick and Morty #1 (Oni Press, 2015), $1600, Ungraded, 14 bids – This variant of the debut issue of the Rick and Morty comic book is supposedly rare, but it keeps turning up in auctions at eBay (we get two copies in this week’s report). Specifically, this is the Justin Roiland 1:50 retailer incentive variant cover, with Roiland being a co-creator of the Rick and Morty cartoon from Adult Swim.
  3. X-23 #1 (Marvel, 2010), $1599, CGC 9.8, BIN – The book in this sale has been in past editions of our eBay reports, although not recently. This is the first issue of the third volume of the X-23 series, with this very high-grade copy being the Gabriele Dell’Otto 1:25 retailer incentive variant cover. Dell’Otto is a popular variant cover artist, so mix that in with the relative scarcity of this variant and you get a nearly $1,600 sale.
  4. Rick and Morty #1 (Oni Press, 2015), $1575, Ungraded, 5 bids – The second copy of the Justin Roiland 1:50 retailer incentive variant cover sold for just $25 less than the copy above. The stories in this issue were written by Zac Gorman, with artwork from CJ Cannon (pencils) and Marc Ellerby (inks).
  5. (Tie) Amazing Spider-Man #700 (Marvel, 2013), $1500, CGC 9.8 SS, 1 bid – This was the last issue of the first volume of ASM, although the numbering is returning with the Marvel Legacy event that is currently underway. It featured the “death” of Peter Parker, and was written by Dan Slott and drawn by Humberto Ramos (pencils) and Victor Olazaba (inks). The copy in this sale is the Steve Ditko 1:200 retailer incentive variant cover, which features Ditko art that was originally intended for use with Amazing Fantasy #15, the book that introduced Spider-Man. The very high-grade copy on offer includes a signature from Stan Lee, so added value for the eBay buyer.
  6. (Tie) The Walking Dead #1 (Image, 2003), $1500, CGC 9.0, BIN – This debut issue of TWD has become a staple of our Modern Age report, and is Image’s main key issue from this era. It features the first appearances of Rick Grimes, Morgan Jones, Duane Jones, and Shane Walsh. The series was created by Robert Kirkman, with story and cover artwork in this issue from Tony Moore. The high-grade copy in offered here is a first printing of the first issue, and is the less rare white label edition.
  7. Amazing Spider-Man #700 (Marvel, 2013), $1283, CGC 9.8 SS, 5 bids – This is a second copy of the Steve Ditko 1:200 retailer incentive variant cover for ASM #700. This copy also sports a signature from Stan Lee, as well as one from artist Humberto Ramos.
  8. Spawn #1 (Image, 1997), $1199.95, CGC 9.8 SS, BIN – Although this is the debut issue of Spawn, this variant was released a few years after the original release (1992) of this series. The high-grade copy in this sale is the Todd McFarlane 1:50 black & white retailer incentive variant cover which in this case also sports a signature in gold ink from McFarlane.
  9. Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 (DC, 2006), $1151, CGC 9.8 SS, 36 bids – Another book that has made our report in the past is this issue of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes that features an Adam Hughes 1:10 retailer incentive variant cover. The very high-grade copy in this auction features a signature from Barry Kitson, the story artist as well as the artist for the main cover for this issue (but not this cover).
  10. Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 (Marvel, 2014), $1125, CGC 9.8, 42 bids – This issue of Edge of Spider-Verse features the debut of Gwen Stacy as the Spider-Woman, as well as the first appearance of the all-female punk rock group, the Mary Janes. The high-grade copy in this auction features the Greg Land 1:25 retailer incentive variant cover. Jason Latour (writer) and Robbi Rodriguez (pencils/inks) formed the creative team for this issue.

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