New Comic Wednesday: Several Interesting Debuts, Plus More Metal and Legacy

Marvel Comics

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Amazing Spider-Man #789 – The legacy numbering returns to the Marvel titles this month, including Amazing Spider-Man, the longest-running series for that comic book publisher. This issue begins a story arc that has Peter Parker and his Parker Industries under siege from the Daily Bugle (what else is new?) while alter ego Spider-Man must deal with the usual super-villains. It is a post-Secret Empire NYC as imagined by writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen, with the cover art above coming from a variant cover created by the great Alex Ross.

new comic book releases 101117

Despicable Deadpool #287 – You would think Deadpool would be worn out after killing the Marvel Universe, but no, he is still his old, killing machine self in this issue of Despicable Deadpool. This time around, he kills Cable, apparently, as Deadpool attempts to shed the hero moniker. Gerry Duggan is the writer of this story arc, with story artwork from Scott Koblish and Salva Espin drawing the variant cover above that is actually from the lenticular cover released for this issue.

new comic book releases 101117

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #13 – Doctor Aphra and Darth Vader cross paths again, much to the surprise of Vader who thought he had already finished off the archeologist. Kieron Gillen wrote the story, with Kev Walker handling the story art and Kamome Shirahama creating the cover artwork.

new comic book releases 101117

Weapon X #9 – While Secret Empire received much of the hoopla these past few months, it was Marvel’s Weapons of Mutant Destruction story arc that grabbed the attention of most comic book collectors and investors. The reason for that attention? Why, Weapon H, of course, the Hulk/Wolverine hybrid that is currently on the loose and being hunted down by Old Man Logan and crew. The search continues in this issue of Weapon X in a story by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, with story artwork from Marc Borstel and Ibraim Roberson Mendes and cover art by Skan Srisuwan.

Titan Comics

new comic book releases 101117

Dan Dare #1 – Peace has returned to the universe, leaving interstellar hero Dan Dare bored and in need of some action. And he gets exactly that as a massive alien ship destroys one of Saturn’s moons, signaling the start of a new adventure for Dare and his cohorts. This return to action by the long-time British favorite is written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Alberto Fouche, with the cover above being a variant cover by Fouche.

That is it for Comic Pricing Guide’s picks for the top new comic book releases of the week. Did you pick any of these up at your LCS? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or feel free to talk about any of the new releases you purchased on New Comic Book Day. And remember, read what you enjoy, and enjoy what you read!

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