Silver Age Comic Report: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Tops Another Marvel Silver Sweep

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Under $200

There was a good volume of Silver Age eBay sales in the $100-$200 price range as the eBay search results produced eight pages of sales, slightly lower than was seen in last week’s eBay report. The sales appear to have been more evenly split between DC and Marvel books, with DC appearing to have a slight edge overall. There were very few books from other comic book publishers, which isn’t surprising since Marvel and DC dominated this era.

Below is a random sampling of comic books that sold in the $100-$200 price range at eBay over the past week, with an even split between DC and Marvel titles.

DC Comics

  • Aquaman #11 (DC, 1963), $145, Ungraded, BIN – The first appearance of Mera is the main attraction for this issue of Aquaman. There is an Aquaman movie in the works, which should help boost the value of this book since Mera will be in that movie, too. Jack Miller wrote this story, with story and cover artwork from Nick Cardy.
  • Batman #100 (DC, 1956), $182.50, Ungraded, 21 bids – There are no significant first appearances in this issue of Batman, but it is a very early Silver Age book that is also a milestone issue for this title. Bill Finger wrote at least one of the tales in this issue, with Sheldon Moldoff (pencils) and Charles Paris (inks) taking on the artwork for all three Batman and Robin stories.
  • Brave and the Bold #42 (DC, 1962), $103.57, CGC 7.5, 1 bid – This issue of Brave and the Bold features a Hawkman and Hawkgirl story that holds the first appearance of Andar Pul and the second appearance of villain Byth Rok. Gardner Fox wrote the story, with Joe Kubert handling the story and cover art.
  • Green Lantern #7 (DC, 1961), $199.99, Ungraded, BIN – This issue of Green Lantern holds the first appearances of Sinestro, the Korugarans, and Terga. The two GL tales were written by John Broome, with Gil Kane (pencils/cover) and Joe Giella (inks/cover) teaming up on the artwork.
  • Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #70 (DC, 1966), $130, CGC 4.5, BIN – Oddly enough, this issue of a Superman family member’s title features the first Silver Age appearance of the Catwoman, a Batman foe. Leo Dorfman wrote this story, with Kurt Schaffenberger taking on the story and cover artwork.

Marvel Comics

  • Daredevil #7 (Marvel, 1965), $113.51, Ungraded, 26 bids – Not only does Daredevil do battle with the Sub-Mariner in this issue, but the story also features the first appearance of Daredevil’s red costume. Stan Lee (writer) and Wally Wood (pencils/inks/cover) teamed up to create this tale.
  • Fantastic Four #4 (Marvel, 1962), $129.50, Ungraded, 10 bids – Namor, the Sub-Marinier makes another appearance in this list, this one being his first Silver Age appearance as he battles the Fantastic Four. Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (pencils/cover), and Sol Brodsky (inks/cover) were the creators for the story in this issue.
  • Journey Into Mystery #88 (Marvel, 1963), $181.50, CGC 5.0, 10 bids – The Thor tale in this issue of Journey Into Mystery features the second Silver Age appearance of Loki. Stan Lee and Larry Lieber teamed up on the story, with Jack Kirby (pencils/cover), Dick Ayers (inks), and Steve Ditko (cover) forming the artistic team for this book.
  • Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (Marvel, 1967), $152.50, Ungraded, 32 bids – The first appearance of Mar-Vell aka Captain Marvel is the reason that this book is a key issue. Stan Lee (writer), Gene Colan (pencils/cover), and Frank Giacoia (inks/cover) formed the creative team for this debut tale.
  • X-Men #14 (Marvel, 1965), $179, CGC 6.0, BIN – This early issue of the X-Men features the first appearances of the villains Dr. Bolivar Trask and the Sentinels. Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (pencils/cover), Jay Gavin (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), and Wally Wood (cover) were the creative team for this issue.

Silver Age Comic Report for October 3, 2017

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