Copper Age Comic Report: A More Eclectic Mix, but Major Keys Still Dominate

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Although we do get a couple of copies of the comic book that debuted Venom, it is not the top-to-bottom domination that we have seen of late in our Copper Age Comic Report. Instead, we get a more varied mix of books (and yes, the two main staples) in our eBay report for January 19th thru January 25th. [Read more…]

Silver Age Comic Report: The Usual Suspects Drive a Big Week for Marvel

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A mix of Spider-Man, Hulk, and X-Men key issues helped Marvel Comics dominate CPG’s latest Silver Age Comic Report. Of course, with the number of major key issues that comic book publisher produced in the 60’s, it is little surprise that Marvel owned the comic book auction results in our eBay report for January 16th thru January 22nd. [Read more…]

Golden Age Comic Report: DC Holds Court Thanks to a Nice Helping of Batman

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While they had a somewhat sleepy start to the new year, DC Comics is now back in form in CPG’s Golden Age Comic Report as the top comic book publisher from that era. DC fashioned a win in the comic book auction results for the week of January 15th thru January 21st thanks in part to the presence of a few Batman-related books. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: DC Does Damage, Image Serves Up Ice Cream Man, Marvel Incorporates Venom

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In addition to new comic book releases from DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics, we also get at least a little more variety in CPG’s New Comic Wednesday feature for January 17th. DC kicks off their New Age of Heroes with the first issue of a Dark Nights Metal-related character, while Image introduces an anthology hosted by the Ice Cream Man, and Marvel “incorporates” the Venom franchise (not really). [Read more…]

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Golden Age Comic Report: DC, Fawcett Battle to a Draw

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Marvel Comics can claim bragging rights for the top sale of the week in our Golden Age Comic Report, but DC Comics and Fawcett Publications dueled to a draw for the total number of comic books in the Top 10 for January 8th thru January 14th. A pair of caped superheroes aided the cause of DC and Fawcett, with heroes and creepy tales making up the whole of this week’s list. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: Marvel Rides Variant Cover Wave to a Comic Age Win

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While CPG’s Modern Age Comic Report has most recently been the domain of Image Comics, Marvel Comics rose up to at least temporarily take the mantle away from Image with the help of a handful of hard-to-find variant covers. Image was still in the mix, of course, but that comic book publisher wasn’t able to secure enough sales to lead our comic book auction report for January 4th thru January 10th. [Read more…]

Silver Age Comic Report: Debut Issues of Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men Land Multiple Sales

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There were no real surprises in this week’s Silver Age Comic Report as Marvel Comics turned in another strong showing thanks to the numerous key issues that comic book publisher released in the first half of the 60’s. And leading the charge for Marvel in our eBay report for January 2nd thru January 8th were first issues of some of Marvel’s most major key issues. [Read more…]

Golden Age Comic Report: Good Mix of Comic Book Publishers with Captain America Leading the Way

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A lesser showing by the comic book publisher that normally leads CPG’s Golden Age Comic Report opened the door for other publishers to make their way into the Top 10 for January 1st thru January 7th. No one company dominated the eBay comic book auction results, but a book from an early incarnation of Marvel Comics managed to post the top sale of the week. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: First Two Walking Dead Issues Lead the Way

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Image Comics continued their reign as the top seller in our Modern Age Comic Report, albeit by a slim margin in our report for December 28th thru January 3rd. Leading the way for that comic age-defining comic book publisher are the first two issues of Image’s best-selling title. [Read more…]

Silver Age Comic Report: Black Panther Debut Tops List Dominated by Marvel

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In our first Silver Age Comic Report of the new year, we get a very familiar sight – a list dominated by Marvel Comics’ key issues from that era, led by the comic that introduced Black Panther to the comic-reading masses. That, and some of the usual Marvel keys make up our eBay auction report for December 26th thru January 1st. [Read more…]