Modern Age Comic Report: Image Leads the Way with a Mix of Their Top Titles

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A trio of variant covered comic books topped CPG’s Modern Age Comic Report for the week of January 18th thru January 24th, an outcome one might expect given how much of a phenomenon variant covers have become in this comic age. The top variant in this eBay report, and the top sale of the week, belongs to the comic book publisher that also landed the most comic book auction sales overall. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: Doomsday Clock Continues, Dissonance from Image, and a Cosmic Rider from Marvel

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It has been another interesting week of new comic book releases, with at least one book that is heating up with comic book collectors and investors. That heat comes courtesy of the latest issue of Thanos from Marvel Comics, but we also get the latest installment in the Doomsday Clock series, as well as a new science fiction series from Image Comics in the New Comic Wednesday report for January 24th. [Read more…]

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Copper Age Comic Report: Another Week, and More Domination by Amazing Spider-Man #300

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The creation of the Copper Age Comic Report has become fairly predictable of late, given the domination of the comic book auction results at eBay by the issue that introduced the Venom symbiote. That book once again takes the lion’s share of sales in our report for January 12th thru January 18th. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: Walking Dead, Harley Quinn Debut Lead the Way

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There are no real surprises in this edition of CPG’s Modern Age Comic Report as the comic books landing in this Top 10 have mostly appeared in prior reports. And of course, the book at the top of the list is no stranger to this report as that issue notches two appearances in the comic book auction results for January 11th thru January 17th. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: Marvel Rides Variant Cover Wave to a Comic Age Win

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While CPG’s Modern Age Comic Report has most recently been the domain of Image Comics, Marvel Comics rose up to at least temporarily take the mantle away from Image with the help of a handful of hard-to-find variant covers. Image was still in the mix, of course, but that comic book publisher wasn’t able to secure enough sales to lead our comic book auction report for January 4th thru January 10th. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: First Two Walking Dead Issues Lead the Way

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Image Comics continued their reign as the top seller in our Modern Age Comic Report, albeit by a slim margin in our report for December 28th thru January 3rd. Leading the way for that comic age-defining comic book publisher are the first two issues of Image’s best-selling title. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: Saga, Civil War, Walking Dead Land Multiple Sales

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It wasn’t quite the Walking Dead domination that was seen in our last couple of Modern Age Comic Reports, but that zombie-laden series plus another Image Comics title and one Marvel Comics event title landed over half of the comic book auction sales in our eBay report for November 30th thru December 6th. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: Walking Dead Comics Dominate Once Again

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Just as Marvel Comics books such as Incredible Hulk #181 and Amazing Spider-Man #300 are currently dominating their respective comic ages, so too is the debut issue of The Walking Dead in CPG’s Modern Age Comic Report. That Modern Age key issue once again garnered multiple sales in our eBay report for November 23rd thru November 29th. [Read more…]

Copper Age Comic Report: Two Marvel Keys Continue Domination Despite Missing Top Sale

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It was a DC Comics book that landed the top sale in the Copper Age category this week – which rarely happens – but the two key issues from Marvel Comics that have been dominating CPG’s Copper Age Comic Report of late did so once again as they combined for nine of the top 10 comic book auction sales in our eBay report for November 17th thru November 23rd. [Read more…]

Modern Age Comic Report: Walking Dead Debut Leads Image to Good Week

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For the third straight week, the first issue of The Walking Dead leads off CPG’s Modern Age Comic Report, further cementing its status as THE key issue of the Modern Age at this time. A multiple-sale showing by that issue helped Image Comics to a good week in our eBay report for November 16th thru November 22nd. [Read more…]