Bronze Age Comic Report: Wolverine, Punisher Debuts Once Again Lead the Way for Marvel

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It was a slightly different mix of books in our Bronze Age Comic Report for January 17th thru January 23rd, but in the end, the two, main key issues from this era – both from Marvel Comics – managed to pull in the lion’s share of the top comic book auction sales in this eBay report. [Read more…]

Silver Age Comic Report: The Usual Suspects Drive a Big Week for Marvel

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A mix of Spider-Man, Hulk, and X-Men key issues helped Marvel Comics dominate CPG’s latest Silver Age Comic Report. Of course, with the number of major key issues that comic book publisher produced in the 60’s, it is little surprise that Marvel owned the comic book auction results in our eBay report for January 16th thru January 22nd. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: Doomsday Clock Continues, Dissonance from Image, and a Cosmic Rider from Marvel

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It has been another interesting week of new comic book releases, with at least one book that is heating up with comic book collectors and investors. That heat comes courtesy of the latest issue of Thanos from Marvel Comics, but we also get the latest installment in the Doomsday Clock series, as well as a new science fiction series from Image Comics in the New Comic Wednesday report for January 24th. [Read more…]

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Silver Age Comic Report: Marvel Misses Out on Sweep, But Has Strong Week

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It was another fine showing for Marvel Comics in our Silver Age Comic Report, although it could have been even better had a few comic books not been involved in private sales at eBay. Leading the way in our report for January 9th thru January 15th is a key issue that re-introduced one of Marvel’s top superheroes from the Golden Age. [Read more…]

Golden Age Comic Report: DC, Fawcett Battle to a Draw

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Marvel Comics can claim bragging rights for the top sale of the week in our Golden Age Comic Report, but DC Comics and Fawcett Publications dueled to a draw for the total number of comic books in the Top 10 for January 8th thru January 14th. A pair of caped superheroes aided the cause of DC and Fawcett, with heroes and creepy tales making up the whole of this week’s list. [Read more…]

Bronze Age Comic Report: Pair of Sales of Star Wars’ Debut Issue Lead Good Week for Marvel

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It was a good week for Marvel Comics in our Bronze Age Comic Report, with a little help from the first issue of the Star Wars comic book. That book, plus two more major key issues for Marvel from this era helped that comic book publisher to a near-sweep of the top comic book auction results for the week of January 3rd thru January 9th. [Read more…]

Video: DC Releases First Trailer for New Teen Titans Go! Movie

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While the DC Universe live action movies have been a mixed bag, the DC Animated Universe has been a major success for that comic book publisher. DC is looking to add another gem to their animation crown with the release of a new movie based on the popular Teen Titans Go! animated series, called Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. [Read more…]

New Comic Wednesday: Harley Quinn Books, Hawkeye Series Among Top Releases

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One of DC Comics’ current top characters is highlighted in two different books in CPG’s New Comic Wednesday report for January 10th, while a long-time Marvel Comics hero gets the “Old Man” treatment in a new maxi-series. Meanwhile, Image Comics has a couple of titles beginning new story arcs in our look at this week’s best new comic book releases. [Read more…]

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Silver Age Comic Report: Debut Issues of Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men Land Multiple Sales

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There were no real surprises in this week’s Silver Age Comic Report as Marvel Comics turned in another strong showing thanks to the numerous key issues that comic book publisher released in the first half of the 60’s. And leading the charge for Marvel in our eBay report for January 2nd thru January 8th were first issues of some of Marvel’s most major key issues. [Read more…]

Copper Age Comic Report: Venom Debut Dominates as 2018 Begins

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2017 saw a nice jump in value for the comic book that debuted Venom, so it is no surprise that this issue of Amazing Spider-Man dominates the first Copper Age Comic Report of 2018. No other book landed more than one appearance in our eBay comic book auction rundown for December 29th thru January 4th. [Read more…]